The 5 Best Spiced Rums Better Than Captain Morgan
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The 5 Best Spiced Rums Better Than Captain Morgan

Best Spiced Rums

We looked beyond Captain Morgan to make this list of the best spiced rums that are better than the very popular brand. Spiced rums are one of the highest-grossing rum products in the US and Captain Morgan spiced rum is among the top-selling rums in the world. However, spiced rum is sometimes regarded as bad rum covered up with sweeteners, vanilla, and spices. 

This isn’t always the case, there are some excellent versions of this spirit that just might surprise both rum aficionados and the everyday consumer. Spiced rum is as varied as any other version of the spirit and some distilleries are producing high-quality rum with additional spices and botanicals that can enhance the drinking experience. 

Here are some of the best-spiced rums available:

Oxbow – False River Spiced Rum 

The newly rebranded Oxbow distillery (formerly Three Roll Estate) from Pointe Coupée, Lousiana makes a small batch spiced rum called False River. The name comes from the lake formed from the Mississippi River’s seasonal flooding. All of Oxbow’s rums are made from its own estate’s sugarcane and molasses. 

The False River Spiced Rum isn’t hiding poor quality rum, in fact, it’s highlighting a unique and distinctly good rum base with spices and botanicals. The aroma of the rum is still present with hints of grass and earthiness. There are fragrant notes of orange peel and light notes of cinnamon, reminiscent of baked goods during the holidays. It is sweet and the orange and baking spices really carry through into the flavor. At 44% ABV is deceptively easy-drinking and would be great over ice or in a cocktail. 

Maggie’s Farm – Spiced Rum

Maggie’s Farm rum is made in Allegheny Distilling, located in the historic Strip District of Pittsburgh. Maggie’s Farm is the first commercially available Pennsylvania craft rum since Prohibition. The distillery produces a variety of rums, all made from Louisiana Turbinado and are copper pot distilled. The spiced rum has won multiple awards in spirits competitions including gold at the Rum Renaissance.

The Maggie’s Farm Spiced rum is a bit dryer than what one normally comes to expect from typical spiced rums. The rum is flavored with a unique blend of eight different spices.

The aroma is a delicate bouquet of orange, vanilla with a touch of anise. The orange zest really comes through in the flavor. The spices, especially the allspice give the rum a unique dryness that is almost tannic in nature. This spiced rum is perfect for fall and mixing with seasonal cocktails. It is not sweet and cloying but rather akin to dry wine and it comes in at 40% ABV so it doesn’t lose its rum character. As a bonus, one dollar from each bottle sold is donated to local animal shelters wherever purchased. 

Available here.

Thrasher’s – Spiced Rum

Thrasher’s Rum is produced in Potomac Distilling Company in Washinton, D.C., by Todd Thrasher, bar-man turned rum distiller. The rums made at this distillery are made from equal parts black strap molasses and raw turbinado sugar drawing inspiration from Guyanese-style rums. 

Thrasher’s spiced rum doesn’t have any additional sweeteners so this is better for people who want a very dry rum. On the nose, there is a heavy hit of clove with hints of anise and vanilla. The clove is very apparent with the first taste and it’s followed by vanilla and orange peel. It finishes dry with a slight lingering of spices. 

Available here.

Foursquare – Spiced Rum

The Barbados distillery Foursquare is one of the most revered rum producers in the world. The distillery is located on a former sugar plantation dating back to the 1700s and was re-opened by the Seale family in 1996. Since then, Foursquare has become known as one of the finest rums money can buy. 

The Foursquare Spiced Rum is lightly sweet with notes of cinnamon and allspice. The aroma smells a bit like cinnamon candy with sweet sugar and a touch of allspice. The rum base comes through in the beginning but is followed by a lightly sweet cinnamon flavor. The cinnamon lingers on the palette. Foursquare’s spiced rum comes off like a less aggressive fireball and would go well as a replacement for cocktails. 

Available here.

Chairman’s Reserve – Spiced Rum

Chairman’s Reserve rums are produced out of Saint Lucia Distillery named after the Caribbean Island it resides on. Chairman is in reference to Laurie Barnard who as chairman revamped the distillery in the 1990s. 

The Chairman’s Spiced Rum uses the original Chairman’s Reserve as the base. One of its more unique ingredients is “Bois Bandé,” a local Caribbean bark that supposedly is an aphrodisiac. The aroma is unique, similar to Dr. Pepper. The flavor is lemon and clove almost like a hot toddy cocktail. The spiced rum finishes dry with persistent spice.

Available here

Selection of rums and tasting notes are the opinion of the author.

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