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The 7 Best Places to Drink Rum in New Orleans

The 7 Best Places to Drink Rum in New Orleans

(Photo: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock)

Louisiana is one of the best states for producing rum, so it stands to reason that there would be some great places to experience this spirit in its most populous city. Whether you are going for Mardi Gras or just to let the good times roll, these are the seven best places to drink rum in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Black Duck Bar at the Palace Café

Find the Black Duck upstairs at the Palace Cafe (Photo: Palace Cafe/Facebook)

The Black Duck Bar is located in the Palace Café on Canal street at the foot of the famous french quarter. This bar menu focuses heavily on rum and has quite a selection. The bar even takes it name from a famous rum-running boat from the prohibition that met a tragic end and sparked a debate that helped repeal the amendment.  

Palace Café is the official home of the New Orleans Rum Society (NORS) and the Black Duck Bar features exclusive rum events and A Rum “Passport” for members to record their tastes. The bar also offers a complimentary pour of the featured rum of the month. Membership for the society is free. 

Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29

Jeff “Beachbum” Berry of Latitude 29 (Photo: Latitude 29/Facebook)

Latitude 29 is a full-service restaurant and bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans and is a must-visit for the rum enthusiast who enjoys tiki bars. Not only does the bar have an impressive rum lineup it also creates some of the best and most popular tropical cocktails. The owner, Jeff “Beachbum” Berry is a notable mixologist and has several books about the drinks made at Latitude 29.

This place is one of those bucket list spots for tropical bar lovers. It’s full of tiki-themed decor and it’s known for elevating the classics like the Mai Tai, Navy Grog and Zombie as well as coming up with some great original concoctions. 


(Photo: Manolito/Facebook)

Manolito is located just steps away from Cafe Du Monde and the beautiful Jackson Square in the French Quarter. After gorging on the world-famous beignets you can wash it down with copious amounts of rum and unwind at Manolito, which is a quick two-minute walk away.  

This bar endeavors to embody the legendary El Floridita Bar in Havana, Cuba. The name Manolito honors Manuel “Manolito” Carbajo Aguiar who worked at the renowned bar. Its menu is inspired by the techniques of El Floridita’s once-owner, Constante Ribigualgua. The menu is filled with classic rum focused cocktails including traditional daiquiris, a go-to drink for many rum enthusiasts.

Cane and Table

(Photo: Cane and Table/Facebook)

Down Decatur Street, near the French Market, is Cane and Table. The restaurant and bar has received a number of recognitions including Bon Appétit naming it one of the “Five Best New Cocktail Bars in America” and it was also a semi-finalist for the James Beard Foundation for its “Outstanding Bar Program.” 

The food is a blend of Cuban and Cajun cuisines inspired by Chef Alfredo Nogueira’s Cuban heritage and the flavors he grew up with in New Orleans. Cane and Table describe its bar menu as Proto-Tiki and emphasizes the use of rum. It includes crowd pleasers like the Mai Tai as well as its own unique creations. 


(Photo: Google Street View)

Fritai is a Haitian restaurant that has some well concocted rum cocktails as well as a selection of clairins (the national sugarcane spirit of Haiti). This restaurant started in St. Roch Market (another great stop when in New Orleans) before establishing itself as a brick and mortar located near Louis Armstong Park. Chef Charly Pieree takes inspiration from the Haitian dishes his mother used to cook for him growing up and has infused this with his many years of experience in the restaurant industry. Chef Pieree is currently a semi-finalist for the James Beard Foundation’s 2023 Best Chef: South

The bar menu includes a number of rum cocktails utilizing Haitian clairins as well as the prominent Haitian rum brand Rhum Barbancourt. Fritai even serves a NOLA stable, called set-ups which is similar to a sharing punch. One of the restaurant’s versions includes a Clairin Set-Up with lime and passionfruit. 

The Rum House

(Photo: The Rum House/Facebook)

One would hope a place called The Rum House would be an excellent destination for rum lovers. The self-described Caribbean Taqueria does not disappoint. The Rum House is located on Magazine Street which is a great spot for restaurants, bars and breweries.

The bar menu is perfect for getting a taste of those colorful beachy rum cocktails full of sugary goodness. The Rum House also has a great selection of different rums to peruse behind the bar.    

Compère Lapin

The Chef and Top Chef Alumnus Nina Compton of Compère Lapin (Photo: Compère Lapin/Facebook)

This restaurant’s name translates from french to “brother rabbit”, which is a mischievous rabbit from traditional Caribbean and Creole folktales. The chef and Top Chef season 11 runner-up, Nina Compton, draws inspiration for her food from indigenous ingredients and the culture of New Orleans and combines this with her Caribbean roots.

This bar and restaurant has a great selection of rums from all over the world. The menu even separates out locations of where the rum is made. This bar also has a decent selection of Louisiana made rums for those looking for more local flavors. There is an array of tasty cocktails available including a handwritten milk punch recipe from the chef’s father.

It’s not hard to find a good spot for enjoying rum in the “Big Easy.”

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