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Best Aged White Rums for a Stellar Mojito

Best Aged White Rums for a Classic Mojito

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A classic mojito is made by combining white rum, lime, mint and sugar. This cocktail, hailing from Cuba, allows each ingredient to shine; meaning the choice of rum is an exciting way to highlight different flavor profiles. This is the perfect cocktail to experiment with the use of aged white rums.

Aged rums can add complexity and depth to a cocktail with additional flavor notes from the barrel aging. The rum spends time in barrels before being filtered, usually through charcoal, until the rum becomes clear again, creating a white rum with the flavors of a matured rum. The result is an aged rum with the appearance of being unaged which is perfect for making cocktails with hidden layers of flavor. The process of filtering the aged rum is also claimed to reduce the severity of hangovers which, if true, is always a plus.

Here are some of the best aged white rums to upgrade your mojito:


Best Overall: Diplomatico Planas 

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The Planas keeps it true to the more Spanish style of rum used in the original mojito. The Venezuelan rum offers hints of coconut and citrus; creating a subtle experience with added complexity and balance which intermingle and allow each ingredient to play their parts in harmony.

Top Rated: Tiki Lovers White

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This aged white rum blends Jamaican and Trinidadian rums produced from both pot and column stills. The funky, high-ester elements combined with the tastes of tropical fruits and coconut complement the ingredients of the classic mojito while providing a unique, exciting experience making the rum the star.  

Keep it Classic: Havana Club Anejo Blanco

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Havana Club is one of the original Cuban brands of rum. However, the Arechabala family behind this brand had to flee from Cuba to go to the United States. The family’s legacy has since been entrusted to the Puerto Rican brand, Bacardí. Havana Club is a classic Cuban rum for a classic Cuban cocktail.

Budget Friendly: El Dorado 3 year 

aged white rums

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This Guyanese rum is aged three years in casks and is excellent value for money. The 3 year offers the character of sweet fruits, which works well with the lime and mint of the mojito. The aging provides extra charred woody flavors usually found in darker rums. For the cost, it’s hard to go wrong with this choice.

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