Cardi B’s Whipshots Introduces New Lime Flavor
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‘Whip it, Beaches’: Just in Time for Summer, Cardi B’s Whipshots Introduces New Lime Flavor

‘Whip it, Beaches’: Just in Time for Summer, Cardi B’s Whipshots Introduces New Lime Flavor

(Photo: Whipshots)

Today, Starco Brands, the company behind Cardi B’s vodka-infused whipped cream line, has announced the launch of a new limited-edition Lime flavor just in time for summer. 

The Lime flavor is the brand’s fifth flavor to hit the market, alongside the core lineup that consists of the mocha, vanilla and caramel boozy spray whipped creams. 

Developed by Starco Brands, Whipshots is a first-of-its-kind alcoholic whipped cream in a spray can that launched in 2021 with partner and brand representative Cardi B. The latest limited-edition Lime Whipshot comes after the successful launch of the brand’s first seasonal specialty flavor, Peppermint, back in Nov 2022. All the Whipshots have 10% ABV and do not require refrigeration, which is handy for poolside cocktail topping. 

Kicking off the brand’s new Lime flavor, Whipshots introduces their “Whip It, Beaches” campaign featuring partner and “WAP” rapper, Cardi B. The “Summer of Whipshots” campaign includes a 30-second promo and photos featuring the female rapper in a whipped cream-inspired swimsuit. The video and campaign are meant to show off the tropical vibes of the newest Lime Whipshot and its usability on summery cocktails.

“We are thrilled to dive headfirst into the ‘Summer of Whipshots’ with Lime as the latest flavor in our Whipshots family,” said Ross Sklar, CEO of Starco Brands. “Having recently surpassed two million cans sold, Whipshots continues to offer consumers a fun and innovative way to celebrate all year.”

The new flavor will likely pair well with all the tropical rum cocktails that are popular during the summer months. Lime and rum are a match made in heaven and pina coladas or frozen strawberry daiquiris would probably go great with a creamy, lime-flavored topper. The limited edition Lime Whipshot is on shelves at select retail locations nationwide now and will be available online starting June 14 at the Whipshots website.

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