The Best Coffee-Infused Rums for the Coffee Connoisseur
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The Best Coffee-Infused Rums and Liqueurs for the Coffee Connoisseur

A selection of Coffee-Infused Rums

Craft coffee-infused rums for the perfect espresso martini.

Celebrate National Espresso Martini day with a perfect little caffeinated pick-me-up. Coffee-infused rums and liqueurs are perfect for expresso martinis but also go well with a variety of other cocktails including white or black russians and the tropical bushwacker. Why not celebrate National Espresso Martini Day by making an espresso martini with these coffee liqueurs and rums made by craft distilleries?

Here are the best coffee-infused rums and liqueurs to make an espresso martini:

Maggie’s Farm Coffee Liqueur

Maggie's Farm Coffee Rum Liqueur

(Photo: Maggie’s Farm)

This coffee liqueur from Maggie’s Farm uses fairly-traded coffee beans from a local award-winning roaster, Commonplace Coffee in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The coffee is freshly ground in-house and cold-brewed. Freshly ground coffee is also infused into their white rum. It is less sweet in order to highlight the quality of the coffee. The spirit is proofed down to 21% abv. The distillery’s tasting notes include fresh cold-brewed coffee, earthy, chocolate and vanilla. Maggie’s Farm also offers a Pumpkin-spiced version for a limited time each year that is perfect for the fall season.

Siesta Key Coffee Rum

Siesta Key Coffee Rum

(Photo: Siesta Key Rum)

Based in Sarasota, Florida, Siesta Key distillery emphasizes this is a coffee rum, not a coffee liqueur. The rum uses locally roasted Colombian coffee beans with no liquid flavors, liquid coffee or concentrates. The coffee is infused in a similar way to making a cold brew. It is kept at a higher abv and only proofed down to 35%. Drink on its own or add to your favorite coffee-flavored cocktail for an extra buzz. 

Kōloa Coffee Rum

Kōloa Kauaʻi Coffee Rum

(Photo: Kōloa Rum Company)

This coffee rum from Kōloa Rum Company is a collaboration with Kauaʻi Coffee Company. Its coffee is 100% Hawaiian and grown on the island of Kaua. Kōloa proofed down its coffee-flavored rum to 34% in order to highlight the flavors. The distillery’s tasting notes include robust espresso coffee appropriately likened to an espresso martini. 

Miami Club Cuban Coffee Rum Liqueur 

Miami Club Cuban Coffee Rum

(Photo: Miami Club)

Cuban coffees are ubiquitous in Miami and deeply embedded in the culture so it’s no surprise that there is an infused rum to mimic the flavor. This coffee rum liqueur from Miami Club uses a custom blend created by a master of Cuban Coffee, Luis Bustelo, referred to as the Don of Cuban Coffee. The distillery describes the resulting coffee as smooth, low acidity, yet authentically Cuban-style coffee flavor. It is proofed down to 28% abv making a perfect accompaniment to any caffeinated cocktail.

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