Couple Assaulted at Liquor Store, Attackers Allegedly Motivated by Bud Light Controversy, Say Police
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Couple Assaulted at Liquor Store, Attackers Allegedly Motivated by Bud Light Controversy, Say Police

Couple Assaulted at Liquor Store, Attackers Allegedly Motivated by Bud Light Controversy, Say Police

(Photo: Matt Slocum/AP Photo)

Three men assaulted a Canadian couple leaving a liquor store in Vaughan, Ontario on May 6th. Police believe the suspects thought the man and woman bought Bud Light and attacked them because of their purchase. 

Bud Light’s recent connection with trans actress and influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, unintentionally fueled an onslaught of hate speech and anti-queer comments on social media. Calls for a boycott of the beer brand were echoed by celebrities and politicians. Now, the recent assault in Canada is believed to be incited by the alleged attackers’ hate of Bud Light and its association with the LGBTQIA+ community.

The police are seeking three suspects after a 26-year-old man and 27-year-old woman were jumped and left injured. 

The couple left the LCBO liquor store on Jane Street and Major Mackenzie Drive West on Saturday evening. This is when a group of men exited a vehicle in the area and one man in particular approached them. 

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In a statement released on Tuesday, York Regional Police stated, “One of the suspects commented on the male victim’s choice of alcohol and uttered anti-homosexual derogatory slurs as he approached the victim.”

Police said, “The female victim stepped between them and was then assaulted. Two more suspects got involved and both victims were assaulted, with the male victim being knocked to the ground.”

The group of men fled once a bystander intervened. 

The alleged attackers left the man with minor injuries but the woman required medical attention.

The suspect reportedly commented on the couple purchasing Bud Light, but police verified that the couple did not buy this particular beer brand. 

“I guess there were some rainbow colors on the cans and so it was initiated that way … Then upon further determination as to what they purchased, they still weren’t happy with that. Let’s just put it that way. And the insults continued,” the police spokesperson told Global News.

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The police are investigating the incident as being hate-motivated due to the anti-homosexual comments made by the suspects. Authorities are asking for witnesses to come forward. 

“It is believed there was a crowd of people nearby at the time of this incident. Any witnesses who have not yet spoken to investigators are asked to come forward. Anyone who has information about the identity and/or whereabouts of the suspects are urged to contact police as soon as possible,” said police.

Since the TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney’s social media post promoting Bud Light, the beer brand has suffered a huge dip in sales. The movement does not appear to be slowing and in this case, seems to have turned violent. The investigation is still ongoing into the attack on the couple.   

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