Damp January Trending As Everyone Contemplates Starting the New Year Sober
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Damp January Trending As Everyone Contemplates Starting the New Year Sober

Damp January Trending As Everyone Contemplates Starting the New Year Sober

Damp January trending as the new year approaches (Photo: Shutterstock)

After Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities many people come to a point where they consider whether to start the year with a Dry January in an act of temporary sobriety. However, there is a growing movement to do a Damp January instead. 

Dry January began in 2012 as an initiative for people to sidestep hangovers, maybe lose some weight and save a bit of money by avoiding alcohol for 31 days at the start of the new year. 

Damp January is less extreme. It focuses on mindful drinking without the need to empty the bar cart. 

“A Dry January challenge is where you eliminate alcohol for the entire month of January,” said Vedant Pradeep, the CEO and co-founder of Reframe to Better Homes & Gardens. “A Damp January is a less extreme and potentially much more sustainable version of the challenge that is focused on reducing our alcohol intake during the month of January.”

One way to make drinking more mindful is to explore new brands specifically made for sipping and get into tasting notes rather than binge drinking. Learning to appreciate the flavor of distilled spirits like rum can change how people drink and how much they drink.  

Another way to drink in moderation is by learning more about technique-driven cocktails that take a little extra time but can be savored instead of swigged. 

Most people know that alcohol is empty calories and that cutting back can have health benefits. However, moderation is often considered more sustainable because like dieting, when people completely abstain from something there tends to be a rebound period afterward. This causes a yo-yo effect that doesn’t necessarily benefit a person’s health or well-being.

Therefore, Damp January is excellent for people who want to keep alcohol in their life but possibly want to find a more healthy balance following the hectic holiday season. 

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