Latvia Plans to Donate Cars Seized from Drunk Drivers to Ukraine
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Latvia Plans to Donate Cars Seized from Drunk Drivers to Ukraine

This Country Plans to Donate Cars Seized from Drunk Drivers to Ukraine

(Photo: Normunds Mezins/AP Photo/AFI)

Latvia has a new plan to donate cars to Ukraine that authorities seized from drunk drivers. The Ministry of Finance proposed the idea and it gained support at the coalition meeting held on Feb. 13. Now, the Ministry of Finance is preparing the necessary amendments. 

Latvia changed its criminal code late last year, resulting in increased penalties for drunk driving. Part of this included confiscating the vehicles of drivers who had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of over 1.5 permille of alcohol, according to LSM. In the US, BAC is measured in percent with many regions having a limit of 0.08 and a BAC of 1.5 permille is almost double that limit. 

The cars are handled by the State Revenue Service which usually seizes about 250 cars per year. However, the change in law has increased this number significantly. In the first month of this new rule, LSM reported that cars were piling up in official parking lots and additional space could have been necessary. 

Typically, the seized cars would be put up for auction. This new proposal would instead send them to the Ukrainian army free of charge. 

The idea originated from a Latvian social movement known as Twitter konvojs/NGO Agendum and this group has donated more than 1,000 cars to Ukraine already, reported Insider

“Now they’re seeing a lack of cars to continue their good deed at the same speed,” said the spokesperson, in a statement obtained by Insider. “Therefore, we believe that confiscated cars from drunk drivers in Latvia would complement this great initiative.”

It’s hard to know when the war in Ukraine will resolve but it appears some countries are coming up with clever ideas to aid the people of Ukraine’s efforts to defend their country. Latvia’s plan may also help keep drunk drivers off the roads.

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