Drunk Disney Guest Allegedly Goes on Rampage in Epcot, Attacks Workers
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Drunk Disney Guest Allegedly Goes on Rampage in Epcot, Attacks Workers

Drunk Disney Guest Allegedly Goes on Rampage in Epcot, Attacks Workers

(Photo: Alyssa Eakin/Unsplash)

Recently released court documents reveal that a Disney guest allegedly got blackout drunk at the Walt Disney World EPCOT in Florida and caused chaos for workers. The man is facing charges of aggravated assault, battery and trespassing. 

Patrick Delehanty of Coweta, Oklahoma visited the Orlando theme park on February 9th. The incident began when a guest experience manager found the 33-year-old Delehanty laying outside on the ground in the rain near the World Showcase Promenade according to Orange County deputies. This occurred about an hour after closing time. 

The manager attempted to help Delehanty’s friend and was waiting for a wheelchair to arrive. At this point, Delehanty got to his feet, and he became aggressive and began shouting according to the report. 

“Next Patrick picked up a stanchion, attempting to swing or throw it at [the Disney guest experience manager] who was in fear of being struck. The stanchion picked up by [Delehanty] was tethered to a second stanchion, preventing him from striking with it. [Delehanty] picked up the stanchion a second time, before slamming it to the ground,” according to the report obtained by WDW News Today.

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Allegedly Delehanty did not stop there and continued his rampage. 

“Patrick was restrained by [a] friend with him, however after a few minutes, he picked up a table and threw it over the railing,” stated court documents obtained by ABC.

While the guest manager maneuvered other employees away from the reportedly dangerous guest, Delehanty hit him across the face and pushed his head back with the follow-through. 

“[Delehanty] then took off running to a backstage area in Mexico, attempting to get into one of the buildings,” stated the deputies’ report. 

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Another manager told deputies that Delehanty was “clearly intoxicated” and he witnessed Delhanuty remove his Hawaiian-style shirt, balled it up and then throw it at him. 

Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at the scene and escorted Delehanty off the property. The officers took him to the Orange County Jail and he was later released on bond. 

Delehanty admitted to drinking alcohol in Epcot but alleges he has no memory of his actions and has since pleaded not guilty to the charges. 

The Oklahoma man could have been taking part in a drink around the world challenge which often takes place in EPCOT. These challenges seen on social media like TikTok and Instagram, involve people attempting to drink an alcoholic beverage at each of the park’s international pavilions. There are quite a few countries represented at the park and the number of boozy drinks can add up. It is good to always remember to drink responsibly.   

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