The Educated Barfly's 5 Favorite Rums for a Daiquiri
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‘Alcoholic Lime Candy’: YouTube’s The Educated Barfly’s 5 Favorite Rums for a Daiquiri

‘Alcoholic Lime Candy’: YouTube's The Educated Barfly's 5 Favorite Rums for a Daiquiri

(Photo by Elliot Montero Courtesy of The Educated Barfly)

The daiquiri is one of the classic rum cocktails. The straightforward cocktail requires only three ingredients: rum, lime juice and sugar (simple syrup to be exact). In our recent interview with The Educated Barfly, Leandro DiMonriva we talked a bit about his favorite rums for a daiquiri.

The simplicity of a daiquiri means it can be a real test for a bartender because as DiMonriva pointed out it’s so dependent on the balance between the lime juice and the simple syrup.

One of the key ingredients is the rum. The choice of rum in this cocktail is where creativity and personal preference can be highlighted. The selection of rum can change the drink and make certain ingredients and flavors shine.

“It’s infinitely riffable, right? It’s a really forgiving template for cocktails. You put any rum in there with lime and simple syrup and it’s going to be good,” said DiMonriva.

Here Are The Educated Barfly’s Favorite Rums for a Daiquiri.

The Standard: Bacardí Superior


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The bar cart standard Bacardi Superior is an aged and filtered light rum. It is used by many bartenders because of its versatility and clean flavor that won’t take over the cocktail. The result is a glass full of “alcoholic lime candy.”

Clean and Sharp: Flor de Caña  Extra Seco


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DiMonriva said, “I really like to use a very clean and really sharp rum like Flor de Caña 4yr.” This rum is aged four years and then filtered making it light in appearance but providing an extra depth of flavor. Its sharpness can cut through some of the sweetness and give a classic daiquiri some added character.

Full Alcoholic Lime Candy: Plantation “Stiggins’ Fancy” Pineapple Bark Infused

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Back in 2018, the Barfly titled a video ‘My favorite Daiquiri’ for National Daquiri Day and featured Stiggins’ Fancy. The Plantation ‘Stiggins’ Fancy is a pineapple bark and fruit-infused rum using both Plantation 3 Stars and Plantation Original Dark rum in the blend. This rum brings piquant pineapple notes into the daiquiri and adds an extra hit of sweetness.

A Go-To Budget Bottle: Appleton Estate Signature Blend


Appleton Estate Signature Blend

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The Signature Blend is a part of Appleton Estate’s core range. Appleton rums offer a subtle Jamaican character and are very approachable spirits. This rum brings in vanilla and caramel notes due to time spent in oak barrels. The added layers of flavor transform this classic cocktail.

Upgrade It With Some Funk: Two James Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum

Two James Doctor Bird

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Doctor Bird is distilled by the world-renowned distillery Worthy Park in Jamaica before being shipped to the Two James distillery in Detroit, Michigan. This is where the rum is blended and aged. This rum is a high ester and higher proof providing a lot of the characteristic Jamancian profiles. “You get all these nice Jamaican funk notes and it’s a really nice way to upgrade [the daiquiri],” said DiMonriva.

Try one of these rums in your next daiquiri for a new taste of a timeless classic.

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