Extremely Intoxicated Couple Kicked off Flight, Drop Baby Multiple Times Onboard After Binging on Vodka
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Extremely Intoxicated Couple Kicked off Flight, Drop Baby Multiple Times Onboard After Binging on Vodka

Extremely Intoxicated Couple Kicked off Flight, Drop Baby Multiple Times Onboard After Binging on Vodka

(Photo: Tim Dennert/Unsplash)

A couple recently appeared before the Tameside Magistrates Court for charges relating to being drunk on a plane and child neglect. The incident occurred last May. The couple was traveling from Manchester to Crete with their baby but did not make it off the tarmac. 

Beth Jones a 27-year-old nurse and 30-year-old Kieran Cunnah reportedly got drunk on duty-free vodka prior to boarding after their TUI flight was delayed according to court records. After their roughly 5-hour vodka binge, the couple was notably intoxicated when boarding. The series of events that unfolded involved the couple becoming belligerent with airline staff and dropping a baby multiple times.

Jones and Cunnah arrived 3 hours early for their flight to Crete set to take off around 3 p.m. After passing through security they purchased a bottle of Ciroc vodka and other drinks. When the flight was delayed until 4:45 p.m. the couple returned to the departure lounge and finished off the bottle vodka. This is all while having a baby in their care. 

“When the pair later boarded the flight, a member of the cabin crew, noticed they were both very drunk. They were unsteady on their feet and incoherent, so [a crew member] told the rest of the cabin crew to keep an eye on them whilst she took them to row 28,” prosecutor Eileen Rodgers told the court according to Daily Mail.

The crew member asked to see Cunnah’s boarding pass to confirm his identity. 

“However, he instead pulled out notes from his pocket and started throwing them at her, saying: ‘How much do you want from us? We’re poor, how much do you want b—h?,’” th court heard. 

The cabin crew reported the couple’s behavior to the pilot, who alerted the police and delayed takeoff. Then, a dispatcher arrived to inform them they would need to leave the plane because of their inebriated state. 

“When leaving his middle seat, Cunnah was so intoxicated that he fell into the armrest in front of him. He then attempted to pass the baby to Jones, but she dropped her, causing her to fall off the seat and cry,” said Rodgers. 

The baby was picked up and placed on the aisle seat. However, the couple did not secure her. 

“When leaving the aisle, Cunnah brushed past the baby and she again fell to the floor causing shock to her and those around her,” said Rodgers. 

Jones and Cunnah argued with the cabin crew while being escorted off of the flight. Jones was persuaded to hand over the baby to a police officer. Eventually, police arrested the couple. 

Both individuals admitted to being drunk and child neglect. The court decided that Jones must complete a 12-month community order, 20 rehabilitation activity days and a 90-day alcohol abstinence. The court also fined her £50 as well as £195 in costs and a victim surcharge, as reported by Daily Mail. 

At this time court hearing, Cunnah was already in jail for causing serious injury by dangerous driving. The court added 3 months to his already 32-month sentence. Additionally, the court ordered him to pay £100 in costs and a £128 statutory surcharge. 

Fortunately, the child did not sustain any injuries as a result of Jones and Cunnahs behavior. Jones has since lost her nursing job as a result of this incident. 

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