50 Cent’s Spirit Brand Legal Win Goes to Appeals Court
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Millions on the Line as Former Executive of Rapper 50 Cent’s Champagne and Cognac Brands Appeals Court Ruling

Millions on the Line as Former Executive of 50 Cent’s Champagne and Cognac Brands Appeals Court Ruling

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An appeal was filed last week by a former brand manager of 50 cent’s (Curtis Jackson) spirits company. Previously, a Manhattan federal judge ruled that the former executive must pay a $6.2 million arbitration award for taking kickbacks from wholesalers. Now, the man is asking the Second Circuit Court to appeal this ruling.

On Wednesday, Mitchell Green filed a notice of appeal that challenges the June ruling by U.S. District Judge John P. Cronan, according to Law360

The June ruling affirmed the arbitrator’s finding that Green breached his contract with Sire Spirits. He was found to have taken payments from two suppliers that were then labeled as “agency fees” and therefore concealed the kickbacks from the company and owner 50 Cent. 

Sire Spirits sells Le Chemin Du Roi champagne and Branson Cognac. 

Green became brand manager in 2018 and it was determined that Green signed a side agreement to be paid a commission for each bottle of champagne or cognac sold to Sire. It is estimated Green allegedly made $2.2 million from this deal. 

“Green actively tried to prevent Sire Spirits from discovering the agency fees,” Judge Cronan wrote. “When, for instance, Fabre emailed Green and Jackson’s assistant pricing for the champagne that disclosed the commissions, Green emailed only Fabre and asked him to ‘please write back and revise the pricing, as [Jackson and his assistant] only need to know the final price per bottle and not the upcharge for the agent fee.'”

50 cent learned of Green’s “agency fee” in February 2020 after an anonymous person “extorted” Green by “threatening to expose the agency fee.” Then, Sire fired Green after an internal investigation. Also, it was found that the agency fee increased the cost of the product per bottle “substantially” for Sire. 

Green’s previously tried to dismiss the $6.2 million damages he owes that were determined by the arbitration. However, these arguments didn’t convince Judge Cronan. It appears unlikely that the appeals court will side with Green but it is possible.

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