Kasama Rum Collabs With Fila Manila on Boozy Rum Infused Isla Sauce
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Kasama Rum Collabs With Fila Manila on Boozy Rum Infused Isla Sauce

Kasama Rum Collabs With Fila Manila on Boozy Rum Infused Isla Sauce

(Photo: Fila Manila)

Filipino rum brand, Kasama and Fila Manila, the Filipino sauce and condiment brand, have collaborated to introduce Isla Sauce to the US. The new condiment is a boozy sweet and sour sauce inspired by the islands of the Philippines. 

Fila Manila started in 2020 and offers a line of authentic Filipino sauces, spreads, and condiments. The company’s products are inspired by founder Jake Deleon’s favorite dishes growing up as a 1st generation Filipino American immigrant. Some of the popular flavors in the sauces include Filipino adobo, peanutty Kare Kare, banana ketchup and ube jam.  

“Filipino cuisine, and its people, are globally known to be joyful, fun, full of flavor, and personality,” says Deleon.“When Kasama Founder Alexandra Dorda and I were brainstorming a way to celebrate and share our culture, it was obvious that we had to create a boozy sauce that represented both of our expertise and would be a perfect addition to any summer feast– and that’s how Isla Sauce was born!”

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According to the brand, the new sauce made in partnership with Kasama has a tangy and sweet fruity profile complimented by the rum. The name, Isla, is a nod to the 7,000+ islands that make up the Philippines. The Isla Sauce is a play on the iconic Asian sweet sour sauce popular throughout the island nation and is complimented by the pineapple fruity notes found in Kasma rum. 

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with fellow Filipino founder brand Fila Manila to bring Isla Sauce to life. In Filipino culture, we like to say that dishes aren’t finished in the kitchen, they’re finished at the table,” says Kasama founder Alexandra Dorda. “That’s because we Filipinos are crazy about sauces and condiments, everything from banana ketchup, vinegar, fish sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and soy sauce…the list goes on! The launch of our Isla Sauce with Fila Manila is incredibly exciting to me because it builds on Filipino storytelling and my culture that I’m so proud of. Plus, it’s just delicious.”

The condiment comes in a 12 oz squeeze bottle and will be available to purchase online at Fila Manila website as well as select online retailers. Each order comes with recipe cards for Isla Glazed Salmon, Pineapple Rice and Isla Glaze to help inspire your cooking. The package also includes cocktails inspired by the brand collaboration with recipes using Kasama rum to pair perfectly with the tropical Isla Sauce.

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