Beauty and Rum Collide: Kasama Rum and Filipino Beauty Brand Collaborate for Booze Inspired Lip Gloss Set
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Beauty and Rum Collide: Kasama Rum and Filipino Beauty Brand Collaborate for Booze Inspired Lip Gloss Set

Kasama rum lip glosses

Kasama rum and Filipinta collaborate on lip gloss set.

The Filipino rum brand, Kasama, announced a collaboration with the indie Filipino makeup brand, Filipinta. The two female-led brands are coming together to present ‘Good Time Gloss’ a lip gloss set inspired by summery cocktails. 

The Brands

Kasama is named after the Filipino term for “together” and represents the combination of founder Alexandra Dorda’s heritage and family ties. Kasama is distilled in the Philippines and bottled at her family’s distillery in Poland. The small batch golden rum is aged 7 years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels and has notes of sweet pineapple and a hint of vanilla. 

Filipinta is a small-batch beauty brand that has gained a cult following with its Filipino-inspired products. Founder Hana Acabado oversees the brand’s made-by-hand approach, from the ingredients used to the packaging design. The brand uses high-quality ingredients such as Jojoba seed oil and vitamin E to nourish, heal and moisturize.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Filipinta on Kasama’s first-ever beauty collaboration. I knew when I discovered Filipinta and connected with Hana that I wanted to collaborate on a product that uplifted both of our brands and our shared Filipino heritage. It is truly thrilling to see the rum-making tradition of the Philippines and classic rum cocktails shine through an entirely different category— together we’re bringing sunshine from glass to lip for the ultimate sip,” said Dorda. 

The Lip Glosses

The gloss set contains three cocktail-inspired lip glosses meant to give the wearer the feeling of soaking up the sun with a cocktail in hand. The boozy lip gloss flavors include strawberry, daiquiri, piña colada and rum. All the glosses are vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free and come in three different shades reflective of the cocktails. 

The strawberry daiquiri-inspired lip gloss comes in a swirl of bright red and white with additional white sparkle. The rum flavor takes its notes directly from Kasama from the golden brown color to the brown sugar rum flavor and scent. Finally, the piña colada is a sheer lip gloss flecked with gold sparkles. 

The trio of glosses comes in a custom box with illustrations by Acabado inspired by vintage Filipino stamps, sunsets and beaches. Each box includes two stickers inspired by the packaging and three cocktail recipes for a piña colada, strawberry daiquiri, and a classic daiquiri. The lip gloss set sells for $35 and can be purchased here

Along with the launch of this product, the brands are debuting an interactive Instagram filter featuring a randomizer that shows users which lip gloss flavor they are.


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