‘She Reeked of Alcohol’: Man Sues Delta After Allegedly Drunk Woman, Asks to ‘Lay on Top’ of Him and Comments on His ‘Big Muscles’
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‘She Reeked of Alcohol’: Man Sues Delta After Allegedly Drunk Woman, Asks to ‘Lay on Top’ of Him and Comments on His ‘Big Muscles’

‘She Reeked of Alcohol’: Man Sues Delta After Allegedly Drunk Woman, Asks to ‘Lay on Top’ of Him and Comments on His ‘Big Muscles’

(Photo: Michael Dwyer/AP Photo)

A man sued Delta Airlines after a “visibly intoxicated” woman was allowed on board the plane. The man alleged the drunk woman continued to be served drinks and she reportedly became way too friendly. The flight was traveling from Athens, Greece to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. 

According to court documents obtained by the New York Post, the unidentified woman commented on the man’s “big muscles.” Also, she allegedly massaged his neck, touched his inner thigh and “asked if she could lay on top of me in a ‘non-sexual way.’”

The man argued the woman should have never been allowed onto the plane. Furthermore, he accused Delta of reportedly overserving the woman and failing to take his complaint seriously.

It is a violation of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules to board a passenger who appears to be intoxicated.

“He was ignored because he is a male,” the Brooklyn Federal Court complaint stated.

The man told the New York Post that woman began harassing him a few hours into the flight after downing white wine and telling a friend she had taken a Xanax. 

“When we spoke she reeked of alcohol, smelled worse than walking into a bar,” said the man in a statement given by his lawyer, Mark Shirian.

While a flight attendant apologized for the woman’s behavior, he “said he could not do anything about it,” according to court documents. 

Eventually, the man was moved to a folding chair. Apparently, this didn’t stop the woman from allegedly harassing one of the Delta cabin crew instead. During the flight, it was announced three times that an emergency stop in Boston may be necessary due to drunken behavior, the man claimed in the complaint.

The flight did end up at JFK and the woman was put into handcuffs. 

The man claims he now has “extreme anxiety when flying.” He is seeking unspecified damages from Delta over the incident. 

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