‘Our Crew Is Passing out Like Flies’: Martha Stewart Shares Famous Boozy Holiday Eggnog With Carson Daly
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‘Our Crew Is Passing out Like Flies’: Martha Stewart Shares Famous Boozy Holiday Eggnog With Carson Daly

'Our crew is passing out like flies': Martha Stewart’s Shares Famous Boozy Holiday Eggnog With Carson Daly

Martha Stewart shares her boozy holiday eggnog recipe on the Today Show (Photo: Today Food/YouTube)

On Wednesday’s episode of the Today Show, Martha Stewart shared her famous recipe for eggnog. The alcohol-infused drink had host Carson Daly along with co-hosts Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones wondering if they would make it through the show. 

In true Stewart fashion, she is not afraid to really booze up her recipes. This eggnog calls for 3 different spirits including, rum, cognac and bourbon. The official recipe asks for ½ cup aged rum, 2 cups cognac and 3 cups bourbon. However, during Martha’s demonstration, she free-pours her alcohol blend with abandon. 

As the Today show hosts sipped the pre-made version, Jones remarked, “now Carson, you make eggnog as well.”

In response, Carson said, “Not like this. I’m going to steal this. I’m guilty of just adding a little bit of bourbon, but three different alcohols.”  

Martha jumped in and said, “but that’s what makes it so good. Very, very tasty.” 

Carson joked, “Martha, would you like an Uber too? I’m calling us one. Would you like one as well?” 

Craig added, “Martha does not play around with her eggnog.”

“Our crew is passing out like flies,” said Carson.

Most eggnog recipes call for a whisper of alcohol, whereas Martha’s is certainly more booze-forward. 

The suggested rum for this recipe is Mount Gay. The Mount Gay in particular appears to be Eclipse which is a blended rum from Barbados. 

Find the recipe here. This eggnog will be sure to get people in the holiday spirit. 


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