Miller Lite Teams up with ‘Broad City’ Star to Turn Sexist Beer Ads into Fertilizer for Women’s History Month
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Miller Lite Teams up with ‘Broad City’ Star to Turn Sexist Beer Ads into Fertilizer for Women’s History Month

Miller Lite Teams up with ‘Broad City’ Star to Turn Sexist Beer Ads into Fertilizer for Women’s History Month

(Photo: Miller Lite)

Miller Lite has teamed up with ‘Broad City’ star, Ilana Glazer to start a new campaign to benefit women in the brewing industry for Women’s History Month. The beer brand is pledging to turn past sexist beer advertisements into fertilizer for donation to women hops farmers.

“This Women’s History Month, Miller Lite wanted to recognize that without women, there would be no beer,” said Elizabeth Hitch, senior director of marketing for Miller Lite. “To honor this we wanted to acknowledge the missteps in representation of women in beer advertising by cleaning up not just our $#!T, but the whole industry’s $#!T while benefiting the future of women and beer.”

Miller Lite isn’t wrong about the representation of women in brewing. Across many cultures in the world’s history, women were the first brewers. Yet in recent modern history that role has shifted and many in the beer industry (Miller Lite included) alienated the very people who helped create it. Women and the female form became an advertising tool for objectification purposes. The industry and these types of ads were putting a lot of bad $#!T out there.

The Molson Coors brand has been collecting their (and all of the beer industry’s) outdated, age-old, no-thank-you sexist ads, displays and posters for months. This includes scrubbing old marketing materials off the internet. The goal of collecting these ads is for them to be turned into compost that can be used to make fertilizer. This fertilizer will be donated to women hop farmers, so the hops grown from the advertisement mistakes of the past will be sent to women brewers to make beer from. 

To help spread the word about the Bad $#!T to Good $#!T campaign, Miller Lite enlisted the help of producer, comedian and actor Ilana Glazer. The correction of years of sexism in the beer industry is a very serious social issue but the new campaign carries a humorous tone that can only be achieved by a skilled comedian such as Glazer. 

“Women are amazing and infinitely creative. I know women have been erased from building many industries from the ground up, and yet I was still surprised to learn that they were among the first beer brewers in history,” said Ilana Glazer. “After years of treating women like objects, the beer industry has an opportunity to shed more light on just how powerful women’s contribution has been. I’m inspired Miller Lite created the space for this reflection, and I’m proud to play a part in repping this step in the right direction. We really made some good $#!T together!”

In the new video, Glazer speaks to women’s role in the brewing process throughout history starting in the earliest years of human civilization. Much to Glazer’s disgust the storied heritage of women in recent decades has been reduced to advertisements featuring the sexualization of women. The video then jumps to explaining how these bad $#!T ads can turn into good $#!T that will benefit women across the industry. 

The fertilizer produced from the outdated ads will help female hops farmers grow over 1,000 pounds of hops. These hops will then be donated to over 200 female brewers to make some good $#!T in the form of approx. 330,000 beers. Miller Lite will also donate over five times the amount it spends to buy back the bad $#!T to the Pink Boots Society* to support women in advancing their careers through brewing education, and to help them put more good $#!T into the world.

Fans of the campaign can visit here to learn how they can join Miller Lite’s movement and turn their bad $#!T into good $#!T too.

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