New Details About George Clooney Playing Bartender Creating A Cheeky Rum Cocktail for Royal Wedding
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New Details About George Clooney Playing Bartender Creating A Cheeky Rum Cocktail for Royal Wedding

George Clooney Royal Wedding

Amal Clooney and George Clooney arrive for the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Photo: Andrew Milligan/AP)

George Clooney is typically associated with tequila after selling his Casamigos brand to Diageo for the small sum of $1 billion. However, new details about Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding show Clooney knows his way around rum as well. Also, he isn’t afraid to show his humorous side with a cheeky cocktail.

A source told People that the “Ticket to Paradise” star played bartender at the royal wedding: “George Clooney hopped behind the bar and was mixing drinks for guests.”

The cocktail created was dubbed “When Harry Met Meghan” which gives a nod to the classic film “When Harry Met Sally.” Reportedly, the cocktail was made with rum and heavily featured ginger in reference to Prince Harry. Clooney was poking fun at the Prince’s famous red hair 

Clooney is known for his pranks in Hollywood. While filming “Ocean’s Eleven,” Clooney reportedly put a marijuana leaf-shaped sticker on the back of Brad Pitt’s car. The sticker read “F— cops.” Supposedly, Pitt didn’t discover the sticker until an officer pulled him over. 

Unfortunately, more details about Clooney’s punny cocktail were not revealed. Although, it is possible the drink was a riff on the classic Dark ‘N’ Stormy that combines dark rum, usually Goslings Black Seal, and ginger beer. 

It’s unclear if Prince Harry was a fan of Clooney’s rum cocktail. However, according to Insider, one of his favorite cocktails is a “Treasure Chest” from the tiki-themed nightclub in London called Mahiki which contains copious amounts of rum. This cocktail combines Mahiki’s coconut rum, peach liqueur, apple/passion fruit juice, lemon juice, passion fruit syrup and sparkling wine. To top it off, the drink is served in a treasure chest.

Recently, Harry and Meghan released their documentary “Harry & Meghan” on Netflix which has received mixed reviews. In particular, Jeremy Clarkson, who is no stranger to controversy, said Meghan should do a Game of Thrones-esque walk of shame. These comments ended up getting his beer banned from a pub.

Perhaps Clooney will make more cocktails as an ode to the happy couple in the future. 

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