Celebrate New Year’s with the Iconic ‘Emily in Paris’ Champagne Cocktail: Kir Royale
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Celebrate New Year’s with the Iconic ‘Emily in Paris’ Champagne Cocktail: Kir Royale

Celebrate New Year’s with the Iconic ‘Emily in Paris’ Champagne Cocktail: Kir Royale

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New Year’s Eve usually means partying, fireworks, new beginnings and champagne. Sparkling wines and cocktails are the most popular choice to celebrate the holiday, with champagne being the most iconic. “Emily in Paris” is shining a spotlight on a champagne cocktail perfect for bringing in the new year called a Kir Royale. 

The Kir Royale is the ultimate champagne cocktail, it is a sophisticated sweet yet tart cocktail combining quality dry champagne with delicious blackcurrant liqueur. 

Emily, played by Lily Collins, is introduced to the elegant French elixir while enjoying a meal outside in Paris to celebrate Emily’s “funemployment.” Her coworker orders a round of Kir Royale which is apparently perfect for sipping and relaxing. 

The Kir Royale is trending not just among the young Parisians on the show but globally as many consumers look for simple cocktails to enjoy while celebrating or simply brunching on a weekend. 

The Origin of the Kir Royale

This is a truly french cocktail with its origins dating back to World War II. The creator, Canon Felix Kir was a Catholic priest in Dijon, France. He made his cocktails out of necessity and as a symbol of resistance. When Nazis invaded France they confiscated all the red wine in the area Kir was staying. In an act of rebellion, Kir created his own version of “red” wine with what ingredients he could obtain.

Kir actually made two cocktails that share his name. The first is the kir cocktail, which was a simple combination of white wine and lejay cassis (blackcurrant liqueur). He later followed this recipe with a more upscale version that included champagne rather than wine, the kir royale as it would come to be known. 

The priest was considered to be a hero in France since he helped to rescue many prisoners of war escape from a concentration camp whilst other residents fled the town. These acts of heroism and mixology earned him the right to be included in the country’s Legion d’Honneur in recognition of his efforts. 



This is a very simple cocktail with only two ingredients necessary. However, there are some variations of the Kir Royale. 

In a champagne flute pour ½ ounce of lejay cassis (or crème de cassis) and then top with nice dry champagne. Dry champagne is preferred as the cassis liqueur provides some extra sweetness. The result is an elegant pinkish-red cocktail perfect for enjoying anytime. For another version of this cocktail swap the champagne for sparkling wine and the blackcurrant liqueur for a raspberry liqueur like Chambord and voilà, now have what is called the Kir Imperial. 

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