Papa’s Pilar Unveils Rye-Finished Rum Inspired by the Bourbon Trail
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Papa’s Pilar Unveils Rye-Finished Rum Inspired by the Bourbon Trail

The Florida rum brand inspired by legendary novelist Ernest Hemingway, Papa’s Pilar,  announced that it has added a Rye-Finished rum to its portfolio. This is the fourth expression for the brand’s flagship rums. 

Papa's Pilar Unveils Rye-Finished Rum Inspired by the Bourbon Trail

The Rye-Finished rum joins the brand’s other mainstays, the Dark rum, Blonde rum, and Sherry-Finished rum. All of the flagship rums are made from molasses and undergo the solera system of blending.  

Papa’s Pilar Rye-Finished Rum integrates Master Distiller Ron Call’s passion for rum with his roots in the whiskey industry. As a seventh-generation master distiller, Call, alongside members of his family, created several whiskey brands along the legendary bourbon trail. Inspired by this history, this release allowed Call to produce a rum that is meant for both rum and whiskey enthusiasts to enjoy.

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“I was eager to infuse the practices and nuances I garnered from my work in the whiskey industry into a finished rum that I’m proud to put my name on,” said Call. “Our new Rye-Finished Rum is an ode to Papa Hemingway who has inspired our dedication to innovation with his desire to constantly explore uncharted territories. We are looking forward to getting this into the hands of our fans as they embark on their own adventures.”

Papa’s Pilar Rye-Finished Rum is made using the brand’s Dark Rum, which is a solera blended with rums sourced from Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela and Florida. The rum is further matured in former straight rye whiskey barrels made from heavily charred white oak.

We had the opportunity to give the new release a try. Our spirit’s critic Jay West found the nose to have a balance between the rye spice contrasted with sticky, maple sweetness. The palate is full and rich while remaining an easy sipper. There are notes of caramel, pancake syrup and spiced tobacco. The finish is long and culminates in a blend of rye spice, cracked pepper, maple syrup and sweet cocoa. 

Papa’s Pilar Rye-Finished Rum is available now on Papa’s Pilar’s website and select retailers nationwide and has an SRP of $49.99.

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