‘Riot Onboard’: Passengers Detail Chaos on Ryanair Flight With Vodka Guzzling Bachelor Party Vaping
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‘Riot Onboard’: Passengers Detail Chaos on Ryanair Flight With Vodka Guzzling Bachelor Party Vaping

‘Riot Onboard’: Passengers Detail Chaos on Ryanair Flight With Vodka Guzzling Bachelor Party Vaping

(Photo: Kevin Hackert/Unsplash)

After a Ryanair flight on April 26th, a family traveling from Edinburgh to Tenerife detailed a “riot” caused onboard by a bachelor party of about a dozen men. Reportedly, during the flight, the men became increasingly drunk on their own booze while vaping, shouting and swearing. 

Eliane Wilson Duncan and her cousin Linda Bishop decided to take their aunt Christin Moreland on her first trip since her husband passed three years prior. Moreland feared traveling alone.

As Duncan tells it, the flight was complete chaos due to a group of men traveling as part of a bachelor party, known as a stag do in the UK and Ireland.

“We weren’t aware of the stag do when we were queuing to board the plane and then a lot of them were sitting behind us on board. With the rest dotted around the plane – there were about 12 in total,” Duncan told Edinburgh Live.

Duncan attempted to get two drinks for herself early on in order to avoid a wait later in the flight. However, she was told, “this wasn’t available because it was a stag and hen do destination and passengers were only allowed one drink each.” 

She noticed the men in front of her kept ordering 7up. “They were sharing a bottle of vodka amongst themselves and drinking it from the juice bottles,” recounted Duncan. 

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Duncan reported to the cabin crew that the men were “getting more and more drunk – and louder.” Reportedly, the crew offered little assistance and said, “they already knew and had to catch them pouring it in, in order to do anything about it.” 

The men onboard were also vaping in the aisle and in the toilet despite several inflight announcements that said the plane would be divested and the police called if vaping occurred onboard. 

“There was another announcement asking passengers to stay in their seats and that they would be refusing to serve any alcohol on the second refreshments round – instead just tea and coffee,” said Duncan.

She continued, “I said to the air hostess we were being punished for their actions, as we weren’t allowed another drink and she said ‘Sorry – I know it’s a riot onboard.’”

The flight only got worse as the man “got more and more drunk.” Duncan said it was “the worst flight I have ever had.” 

Duncan said, “I complained afterwords but the staff told me that there was no section my complaint fit into so they could not process it. I will never fly with Ryanair again by choice.”

A spokesperson for Ryanair said, “We regret that a small group of passengers on this flight from Edinburgh to Tenerife (26 Apr) became disruptive in-flight. To diffuse the situation and minimize disruption to passengers, cabin crew made several announcements throughout the flight and refused to serve alcoholic drinks before landing safely in Tenerife.”

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