Plantation Rum Unveils Final Limited Release for ‘Under the Sea’ Vintage Collection
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Plantation Rum Unveils Final Limited Release for ‘Under the Sea’ Vintage Collection

Plantation Rum Unveils Final Limited Release for ‘Under the Sea’ Vintage Collection

(Photo: Plantation)

The Barbados based rum producers, Plantation, have announced the latest and last release of their limited edition “Under the Sea” vintage collection of rums. The new Venezuela edition is the sixth and final of this series of rums from around the world. 

The Plantation “Under the Sea” Collection focuses on exclusive vintage rums curated by the Owner and Master Blender of Plantation Rum, Alexandre​ Gabriel, in collaboration with like-minded rum producers to pay homage to the terroir of each rum-producing country.​

The Plantation Venezuela 2010 is a double-aged vintage, spending time in different casks and climates. For the first eight years after distillation, the rum rested 8 years in ex-bourbon barrels in the cellars of Destilería Sofa in Venezuela. Gabriel selected 22 of these barrels to be further aged in Ferrand French oak casks in Javrezac, France.

According to Plantation, this double aging technique showcases the deeply expressive and complex appeal of this 12-year-old Venezuelan rum.

All of the “Under the Sea” vintage bottlings feature artist renderings of marine creatures that are representative of their country on the labels and boxes. The Venezuela 2010 label displays the Aetobatus Narinari, also known as the white-spotted eagle ray. This ray can be found in Venzuela’s coastal waters. 

According to the brand, notes of nutmeg, honey, vanilla, mandarin, coconut, Brazil nuts and coffee can be detected in the aroma. While the flavor has a rich and woody complexity with notes of peanuts, pineapple and pepper with​ crème brûlée. The finish is described as long and dry with hazelnut, leather, mango, orange, banana and cloves lingering on the palate. 

Other vintages in this collection include Barbados 2013, Guyana 2007, Fiji 2009, Jamaica 2007 and Panama 2008. 

Currently, Plantation has plans for a new Single Casks Collection that will begin release in September of this year. 

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