Rapper 50 Cent Taunts Former Sire Spirits Employee Bankrupted by $6 Million Embezzlement Lawsuit: ‘I Need You out My House by Monday’
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Rapper 50 Cent Taunts Former Sire Spirits Employee Bankrupted by $6 Million Embezzlement Lawsuit: ‘I Need You out My House by Monday’

Rapper 50 Cent Taunts Former Sire Spirits Employee Bankrupted by $6 Million Embezzlement Lawsuit: ‘I need you out my house by Monday’

(Photo: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)

A former employee of 50 Cent’s company Sire Spirits was court-ordered to pay out more than $6 million to the rapper and mogul. Mitchell Green was caught embezzling from the company for years at which point 50 Cent took him to court. This led to Green suffering multiple losses in court.  However, on Tuesday, the man filed for bankruptcy, potentially complicating the rapper’s ability to collect his money. 

For two years while working for Sire Spirits, Green was stealing from the company by signing a side agreement that allowed him to be paid a commission for every bottle sold. He hid the extra money by labeling the kickbacks as “agency fees.” Green allegedly made $2.2 million from this deal. 

Green only confessed to the embezzlement when someone blackmailed him by threatening to reveal his scheme if he didn’t pay up. When this came to light, Sire Spirits fired and sued Green. 

The court ordered Green to pay a $6.2 million arbitration award for taking kickbacks from wholesalers. Green attempted to appeal the ruling in Dec. 2022. He was denied the appeal, and the judge rejected a motion to stay the execution.

According to documents obtained by AllHipHop, after these series of court losses, Green filed for bankruptcy. This means 50 Cent’s ability to collect his money may be temporarily halted. 

50 Cent taunted Green on social media detailing what he was going to do with his home after its seizure.  


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“I need you out my house by Monday,” 50 Cent posted. “I’m gonna keep it and his family pictures around, you know as a theme for the place. LOL.”

While filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may hold off 50 Cent for now, it seems clear the G-Unit rapper will be coming to collect his money. 

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