‘The Rum Was Really Hitting Hard’: Prince Harry Reveals Prince William’s Rum Soaked Night Prior to Getting Married
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‘The Rum Was Really Hitting Hard’: Prince Harry Reveals Prince William’s Rum Soaked Night Prior to Getting Married

‘The Rum Was Really Hitting Hard’: Prince Harry Reveals Prince Williams Rum Soaked Night Prior to Getting Married

Prince William’s and Princess Kate Middleton’s wedding took place in April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London, England. (Photo: Press Association/AP Images)

Prince Harry tells all in his new book “Spare.” The memoir which was ghost-written by JR Moehringer details the Duke of Sussex’s life including revealing anecdotes about family members. One of which recalls a rum filled night before Prince William got married in 2011.

As the story goes, Prince William, or as Prince Harry refers to him, Willy had groom jitters the night before the big royal wedding. It was at the pre-wedding dinner that Thomas Van Straubenzee and James Meade  forced the now Prince of Wales to “down a couple of rum and Cokes.” These men were Prince William’s real best men because while the public expected Prince Harry to be the best man, Prince William was uncomfortable with putting a mic in his brother’s hand. As Prince Harry put it, “I might say something widely inappropriate.” 

After dinner, the princes could see the crowds of people camping out at the Mall which is located between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. Prince William was “rum-warmed,” and became very intent on going to see the people, despite his security team’s advice against it. 

Prince William begged Prince Harry to join him. The Duke of Sussex could “see in his eyes that the rum was really hitting hard.” Then, the princes went down and greeted the crowds and Prince William received their best wishes. 

Prince Harry described his brother as having “bright crimson” cheeks and being tipsy. The two said their farewells to the crowd and turned in early. 

The morning of the wedding Prince Harry was shocked the see the groom with a gaunt face and red eyes, looking as if he “hadn’t slept a wink.”

While driving in silently a plum-colored Bently on the way to the ceremony, Prince Harry broke the quiet by saying, “you reek,” to his brother. The prince described it as, “the aftermath of last night’s rum.” 

Prince Harry cracked the window and pinched his nose jokingly and offered the soon-to-be husband some mints, according to The Mirror

This isn’t the only time rum has taken a role in a royal wedding. Apparently, at Prince Harry’s wedding George Clooney was helping the rum flow with a custom cocktail featuring ginger in jest towards the groom’s red hair. 

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