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Get a Taste of Spring With These 4 Unique Botanical Rums

Get a Taste of Spring With These 4 Unique Botanical Rums

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Botanical rums are on the rise as more customers look away from the same old spiced rums. These rums offer herbaceous and floral notes along with the familiar spices found in other infused rums. With spring in full bloom, it is the perfect time to discover this unique spirit and celebrate the season’s bounty. 

Liba Spirits – Lafcadio Botanical Rum

Get a Taste of Spring With These 4 Unique Botanical Rums

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This rum is made by Liba Spirits in partnership with Porchjam Distillery in New Orleans. Lafcadio is made from Louisiana molasses and infused with flavors and botanicals inspired by the Big Easy’s multicultural history of cuisine. Bay leaf, white pepper, orange peel, cardamom and cherry bark were infused into the rum to create a spirit with savory notes balanced with bright citrus flavors. 

Pa’Lante Botanical RumGet a Taste of Spring With These 4 Unique Botanical Rums

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Pa’lante creates rum made with locally sourced ingredients from neighboring farms. This botanical Rum is a blend of white Mexican rum infused with natural extracts of basil, ginger, and cinnamon grown near the Pa’lante distillery in Chiapas. The earthy flavors are combined with fresh herbal notes and spice. Botanical rums like this are an excellent replacement for gin and pair perfectly with tonis for an easy sipping springtime drink. 

Callisto California Dry Botanical RumGet a Taste of Spring With These 4 Unique Botanical Rums

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Callisto’s rum showcases a California interpretation of what botanical rum could be. Infused in California with locally sourced botanicals and made from a blend of charcoal-filtered aged rums originating from Trinidad and Nicaragua. The rum is impacted with flavors of the Californian landscape such as artichoke leaf, rosemary, lavender, rose, burdock root and celery seed among others. With no artificial flavors or sweeteners, Callisto is a dry rum with resinous and floral notes. 

Brixton Distillery – Market Row Botanical RumGet a Taste of Spring With These 4 Unique Botanical Rums

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This UK distillery takes rums from the Caribbean and infuses botanicals that represent the melting pot that is London. The base is a blend of premium Jamaican, Bajan and Dominican rums. The resulting blend is then infused with Kenyan black tea, Nigerian hibiscus and red rose from Pakistan, all sourced from Brixton Market just around the corner from the distillery.

Check out Thrasher’s Green Spiced Rum and Boukman Rhum which were featured in the FaQ on botanical rum. Both of these rum are also fantastic representations of the style. 

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