Texas Politician Resigns After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Getting Teenage Aide Drunk on Rum and Cokes
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Texas Politician Resigns After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Getting Teenage Aide Drunk on Rum and Cokes

The Texas House committee found that a Texas politician violated multiple rules while in office. The allegations are related to an inappropriate relationship with a 19-year-old aide. and recommended his expulsion.  After the recommendation of expulsion, Republican State Representative Bryan Slaton resigned from office on Monday, prior to the House’s vote on whether to expel him.

Texas Politician Resigns After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Getting Teenage Aide Drunk on Rum and Cokes

The former youth minister and married father, GOP Representative Slaton’s resignation took effect Monday. This was just two days after the committee recommended he be expelled from his position.

The Washington Post obtained a copy of his resignation letter sent to Texas Governor Greg Abbot. 

“It has been an honor to represent my friends, neighbors and the great people and communities of House District 2,” Slaton wrote. “They voted overwhelmingly to send me to the Capitol. … My decision today is to ensure that their expectations will continue to be met by a new representative who will work hard on their behalf.”

The 45-year-old failed to address the allegations made against him and rather mentioned looking forward to “spending more time with my young family.” 

Slaton took office in January 2021 and in April 2023 an investigation was launched after a 21-year-old legislative intern and two 19-year-old aides filed complaints against him. The complaints accused the state representative of sexual harassment and retaliation.

The most damning incident occurred on March 31 and involved an individual who was hired as a legislative aide in the Capitol office of Representative Bryan Slaton. She is identified by the pseudonym Sophie A in the report. The report details a relationship that appeared to becoming increasingly inappropriate and included providing the underage aide with alcohol on several occasions. On this particular evening, Slaton invited the 19-year-old to his Austin condo to “have some drinks and hang out.” 

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The first call occurred around 10 p.m. and at first, Sophie A. did not go to his condo after being advised against it by her friend, Emily J, who was another 19-year-old legislative aid working for a different office. Then Slaton called again on the same night just before midnight and insisted that Sophie A. visit. Three friends of Sophie A. decided to join her as a “protective measure.” 

Over the course of the night, Slaton plied Sophie A. with rum and coke served in a tall Yeti cup until reportedly she felt “pretty rough,” “really dizzy,” and had “split vision.” Slaton also provided Emily J. with “a lot of alcohol” and she ended up throwing up from drinking too much. 

Sometime after 2 a.m. the friends were ready to leave and attempted to convince Sophie A. to leave with them but eventually the other girls left her alone with Slaton after he said “[Sophie A.] did not have to leave if she did not want to.” 

In the report, Sophie A. said “I felt like I was in an inappropriate situation.” She explained that “in the moment, obviously, I had too many drinks. Kind of hard to think in the moment when you’re intoxicated. But now that I look back at it, it was definitely an inappropriate situation.”

The friends indicated that the following morning the aide took an emergency contraceptive and was dropped off at her apartment by Slaton. Sophie A. told Emily J. she had sex with Slaton and that it was her first time.  

The next week, Slaton showed Sophie A an email suggesting that someone knew they had sex and insinuated that “nothing would happen as long as she and her friends keep quiet.”

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The series of events led the women to file an official complaint.

The investigating committee included five people, three Republicans and two Democrats. On the floor Saturday, the committee’s chair, Republican Rep. Andrew Murr said, “ [Slaton] engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with a subordinate.”

Murr continued, “That behavior was induced by alcohol that Representative Slaton provided to that 19-year-old subordinate.”

It was determined by the committee that expulsion was the appropriate action.

“The expulsion of a fellow member is a level of punishment we don’t take lightly,” said Murr. “It is not meant to punish the member. Rather, it is intended to protect the integrity and dignity of this legislative body and to provide accountability to everyone that works and serves in this building.”

Rep. Jared Patterson said, “I look forward to voting to expel Mr. Slaton and protecting the integrity of the Texas House of Representatives.” However, Patterson did not that the chance due to Slaton’s resignation.

The Texas State House committee’s report details a disturbing situation where Slaton, a much older man, appears to take advantage of a young state employee. In Texas, it is illegal to provide alcohol for persons under the age of 21 unless the adults are the parents, guardians or spouse of the underaged individual. It is unclear if Slaton will face any criminal charges. 

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