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Top 6 Chocolate Rums to Gift For Valentine’s Day

Top 6 Chocolate Rums to Gift For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day brings with it the obligatory gifts of chocolates and flowers. Instead of making a last-minute dash to fight over the monotonous heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, replace it with the gift of a bewitching bottle of chocolate rum. Drawback Cupid’s bow with the gift of one of these six chocolate rums that will be sure to please this Valentine’s Day. 

SelvaRey Chocolate Rum

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(Photo: SelvaRey)

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SelvaRey is co-owned by the pop singer Bruno Mars, who told the Hollywood Reporter, “we are driven to make rum sexy.” The branding delivers sultry elegance perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

The line of SelvaRey rums are made by none other than the “Godfather” of rum himself,  Master Blender Francisco ‘Don Pancho’ Fernandez in Pesé, Panama. 

The brand uses a 5-year-old rum as the base and infuses it with chocolate to make this rum. SelvaRey’s chocolate rum was the first flavored spirit ever awarded the Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

Copalli Cacao Rum

Chocolate Rums

(Photo: Copalli)

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Copalli’s Cacao rum is sure to shoot straight to the heart of your valentine, especially if they are a supporter of sustainability. The brand focuses on sustainability at every step in the distillation process from the harvesting of the cane to the use of rainforest canopy water in the rum, all with zero-waste in mind. 

The Copalli Cacao rum is made with the brand’s white rum which is then tank-rested for several weeks with roasted, organic cacao nibs grown on the neighboring Copal Tree Farm. The rum is then redistilled to smooth out any harsh flavors from the cacao nibs. The result is an intensely chocolaty rum that any chocolate lover would adore. 

Marigot Bay Chocolate Coffee Rum Cream

(Photo: Marigot Bay)

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The Caribbean brand has a whole line of rum creams including, banana, coconut, peanut, spiced and chocolate coffee. All of the rum creams are made with rum from the island of Saint Lucia, combined with real cream and natural flavors. 

Marigot Bay Chocolate Coffee Rum Cream is infused with espresso and rich dark chocolate. The brand recommends sipping straight on ice or in an espresso martini.  Make your sweetheart smile with an indulgent treat by adding this rum cream to a chocolate cake.  

Kōloa Kauaʻi Cacao Rum

Chocolate Rums

(Photo: Koloa Rum Company)

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The Hawaiian rum brand is known for its wide variety of flavored rums. All of which are made from pure cane sugar and rainwater from Mount Waiʻaleʻale on the island of Kauaʻi.

Kōloa Kauaʻi Cacao Rum is distilled using a steam-powered copper pot still and uniquely proofed down to 40% ABV which is a higher percentage than many flavored rums. The taste is of mocha and cacao nibs with a coffee finish. 

Blue Chair Bay Mocha Rum Cream

Chocolate Rums

(Photo: Blue Chair Bay)

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If your valentine is a fan of country music then this chocolaty mocha rum cream might catch their fancy. The brand Blue Chair Bay is owned by country music star Kenny Chesne and named after his hit song “Old Blue Chair.” The Mocha Rum Cream used to be a limited edition but it was recently announced that it is here to stay and has officially joined its lineup of flavored rum creams.

Share a guilty pleasure with your valentine without the guilt. The Mocha Rum Cream combines coffee and chocolate to make a decadent dessert drink that is only 97 calories per serving (1.5 ounces). 

DeadHead Dark Chocolate Rum

(Photo: Deadhead)

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For the valentine with a darker side DeadHead rum makes an excellent gift. This rum is made in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico near the Guatemala border. The brand has created some of the most unique bottles in the industry. 

The DeadHead Dark Chocolate is a single blended, 5 year old rum infused with organic cacao. The dark chocolate comes through in the aromas and the taste. The perfect chocolatey treat for those who channel Wednesday Adams.  

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