Controversial Trump Ally, Roger Stone, Wrangles With Vodka Choice While Denouncing Ukraine and Drag Shows on Podcast
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Controversial Trump Ally, Roger Stone, Wrangles With Vodka Choice While Denouncing Ukraine and Drag Shows on Podcast

Controversial Trump Ally, Roger Stone, Wrangles With Vodka Choice While Denouncing Ukraine and Drag Shows on Podcast

Roger Stone (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Roger Stone has made some controversial statements on his recent podcast. Stone is toiling over what vodka brand to drink in his “extra dry Martinis” because of politics. 

Stone is an infamous American conservative political consultant and lobbyist. He is also a longtime friend and ally of former president Mr. Donald Trump. 

In January 2019, Stone was arrested for his involvement with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation. He was charged with witness tampering, obstructing an official proceeding and five counts of making false statements. A jury convicted him on all seven felony counts in November 2019. However, in 2020 Trump first commuted his sentence, and then Stone was later pardoned by him. 

On Stone’s podcast, he appears to be taking a pro-Russia stance on the current war in Ukraine. He explained that he was dropping the Stolichnaya vodka brand after the company announced its support of Ukraine following the Russian invasion. 

“That means the people who make Stolichnaya vodka support child sex trafficking, money laundering … and the arming of actual Nazis on the ground in Ukraine,” Stone claimed.

Stolichnaya is a part of the Stoli Group. The Stoli group released a statement denouncing the Russian aggression. 

“The safety and security of our Ukrainian team is our top priority. We are monitoring the situation closely and are already moving swiftly and decisively to provide support where needed, both to our people on the ground as well as partners,” said Damian McKinney, Global CEO of the Stoli Group.

Stone continued, “as for Stolichnaya, I will never drink another sip of their swill. And therefore, I’m going all-American, Titos, made in Austin, Texas, is my new brand.”

Although, the following day Stone dropped Titos as his new brand. 

“I decided to switch to American-made Tito’s until I learned that they sponsored a drag queen show. Now I have no choice but to use Russian Standard Vodka in my extra dry Martinis,” Stone announced.

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, there have been calls to boycott Russian Standard vodka and other Russian vodka brands because the sale of these products benefit Russia. Stone’s comments appear to show he is heavily aligning himself with the Russian agenda.  

His choice of vodka is ironic because of Russia’s typically anti-America stance. However, Trump and his friends and his former administration appear to have a different take on the U.S. and Russia relationship.

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