‘Heavily Intoxicated’ Student on American Airlines Flight Urinates on Fellow Passenger
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‘Heavily Intoxicated’ Student on American Airlines Flight Urinates on Fellow Passenger

Drunk Man Arrested, Banned From Flying After Allegedly Peeing on Co-Passenger and ‘Endangering the Safety of the Crew and Aircraft’

(Photo: Ric Tapia/AP

An intoxicated student reportedly urinated on a fellow passenger after having caused issues for the cabin crew on an American Airlines flight from New York to New Delhi. The incident occurred on Saturday.

The 21-year-old Aryan Vohra is said to have been “heavily intoxicated” on a flight that took off from JFK airport. Reports indicated that Vohra was being unruly before allegedly urinating on a co-passenger. 

“Upon aircraft arrival, Purser informed that the passenger was heavily intoxicated, and was not adhering to crew instructions on board. He was repeatedly arguing with the operating crew, was not willing to be seated and continuously endangering the safety of crew and aircraft and after disturbing safety of fellow passengers, finally urinated on pax seated on 15G,” American Airlines said in a statement according to ANI

Upon landing, Vohra, a US student, was met by the Central Industrial Security Force who escorted him off the plane and took him into custody. The airport officials said Vohra continued to “misbehave with CISF personnel too.” 

In a statement obtained by ANI, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Devesh Kumar Mahla received a complaint from American Airlines and said, “[Vohra] did not behave properly and created a nuisance and also urinated on the co-passenger. On the basis of the complaint, we are contemplating action under IPC and Civil Aviation Act. The strongest possible action will be taken against him to deter other flyers to not to behave in this manner or do any such activities in the future.” 

The victim who was urinated on has not come forward and a complaint has only been filed by the airline. This was enough for the police to begin an investigation into the events that occurred on this flight.

Mahla reported that Vohra was taken into police custody but was later released Sunday afternoon after being given bail. He has been permanently banned from flying on American Airlines. The case is still ongoing.

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