World’s Largest Rum Bottle to Be Opened During Ceremony for Cruise Ship Named by Nicole Scherzinger of the ‘Masked Singer’
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World’s Largest Rum Bottle to Be Opened During Ceremony for Cruise Ship Named by Nicole Scherzinger of the ‘Masked Singer’

World’s Largest Rum Bottle to Be Opened During Ceremony for Cruise Ship Named by Nicole Scherzinger of the 'Masked Singer'

(Photo: P&O Cruises YouTube)

On March 16, P&O Cruises will commemorate the naming of its newest ship in Barbados. The new name, Arvia, was chosen by the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger and the ceremony will include cracking open what may be the world’s largest bottle of rum.

The beachside ceremony will be streamed live on YouTube capturing the moment the huge 15-liter bottle of Mount Gay Black Barrel breaks open on the side of the ship during its official naming. 

P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow said, “Our naming party in Barbados is a world first and so it had to be rum. Rum is the very essence of Barbados and as the world’s oldest ocean cruise line we simply had to pair with the world’s oldest-running rum distillery and create what we believe to be the world’s largest bottle of rum. Mount Gay has a long and distinguished history and affiliation with the sea – it is a perfect mix.

“Seafarers have always believed that breaking a bottle as the ship was launched afforded it luck and good fortune for the many journeys that lay ahead. Spirits were traditionally used for these ceremonies and it is only in more recent years that this has been replaced by Champagne. We are delighted to partner with Mount Gay and we will be proud to have a replica bottle remain with us on board Arvia to sail around the world as a reminder of this very special day.”

The Mount Gay Black Barrel is part of the distillery’s core line of rums. A specially made Demi John bottle was made for the ceremony. This type of bottle was traditionally used to store and transport rum during the 18th century.

“Mount Gay has had a long historical connection with sailing. At the heart of this shared story is Barbados, the birthplace of rum. Since 1703, honoring our authentic heritage has made Mount Gay the drink of choice for sailors and the maritime industry as a whole. We are delighted to partner with P&O Cruises for this historic bottle smash as we celebrate our 320th Anniversary this year,” said Mount Gay managing director Antoine Couvreur.

The ship’s “godmother,” Scherzinger is set to perform at the naming party along with Olly Murs. DJs Trevor Nelson and Sara Cox are set to host the event. 

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